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Day Dreams Introduces our Parent and Caregiver Council

                                          We need YOU!

Day Dreams has come a long way since we began pursuing the dream in 2012, but as we come to the end of 2018 and think about beginning 2019, there is still something missing.  A larger voice from YOU, the parents and caregivers (and others that care about our mission) of the people we serve.  We need your participation, your support, and your input. 

Who can join our PACC?

1) Any Parent or Caregiver of a person with developmental or other disabilities

2) Any Person with a developmental or other disability who maintains their own guardianship

3) Any Person with a genuine and sincere desire to help Day Dreams obtain their goals and mission

What are the benefits of becoming a member of our PACC?

1) All PACC members automatically become a member of our ARC Chapter

Day Dreams is in the process of completing our application to be an ARC affiliated chapter.  As such all our PACC members will          have the full benefit of also being an ARC member.  The Arc is the largest national community-based organization advocating for      and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Click here to learn more

2) All PACC members will have input on creating our Recreation/Wellness Center and our activities and events

As a member of our PACC you will help shape and make our Recreation/Wellness center and can personally assure that it meets      the present and future needs of your loved one and your family.

3) All PACC members will have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped build something that will make a huge difference in the  lives of so many people now and for future generations. 

What are the responsibilities of becoming a member of our PACC?

1)  Just as the "Sports Boosters" support athletic teams, the Day Dreams PACC will support Day Dreams as we work on achieving          our goals and mission. 

Each quarter Day Dreams publishes our "Wishlist"  It is shared in our electronic newsletter and on this website.  It includes items as simple as "donating a bag of candy for our Halloween Party" to as complex as "Volunteering to help serve our banquet style supper at the Halloween Party".  We realize Parents and Caregivers of people with disabilities are very busy people, but that is the beauty of the PACC.   The larger our PACC, the less there is for each of us to do and the bigger our accomplishments.  We ask each of our PACC members to help us out each quarter with at least one item on the wishlist.

2)  The PACC will designate 2 of their membership to represent them as members of our Board of Directors. 

This will assure that the people Day Dreams serves have a real voice in what we create.

3)  PACC members will help us spread the word!

The best way to share information about a good thing is still word of mouth.  We ask PACC members to share the word about            what Day Dreams is doing, and encouraging other parents and caregivers to join our PACC.  Anyone interested in futhering our          cause may join our PACC.  Remember, the bigger our PACC, the more we accomplish and the less each individual has to do.

4)  We ask each PACC member to do the best they can to attend the PACC meetings

PACC meetings will be held once every two months, beginning in November of 2018.  All meetings will be family friendly, we KNOW

you are busy!  Most of us are parents and caregivers too!  Meetings will be held in a family friendly place like the bowling alley in Ithaca, Youth for Christ gym, or conference room at the Highland Blush.  Day Dreams will provide a light supper for you and your family and our Board of Directors and other volunteers will oversee your children and disabled loved ones for the approximate 1/2 hour you will meet to learn about what happened at the previous month's Day Dreams board meeting and consider signing up for something on the wishlist.  The rest of the evening belongs to you and your family.  Enjoy the family time and the friendship and emotional support of other PACC members while you are there!  The PACC may also consider an online option for people to attend.


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