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     This dream was born out of the sad reality that, unless they are ready to join the mainstream workforce, once people with disabilities graduate from, or age out of, the public school system, there is NOTHING in our community for them to do during the day on a regular basis to support an active, healthy, productive lifestyle.  


     When we say healthy we are not just talking about physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Nine o'clock am hits and most people are at the place where they are expected to be for the day, to serve the purpose within their community they have chosen to serve.  Something happens when you no longer have a designated place to be within your own community... a sense of loss of  purpose, the feeling of nowhere to be and no one to notice if you are not there.


     Most people with disabilities have spent most of their lives up to that point as active participants within the community, either through their classroom activities, or through participating within the community while on classroom outings, family outings etc.   Then, just because they have turned a certain age, suddenly, they are no longer an "expected" participant in the daily goings on of their own community!  This can be catastrophic!  This already vulnerable group as well as their family members that care for them often experience isolation and inactivity as a result of no longer having "their place to be",  challenging both their physical and mental health.

      The dreamis to remedy this situation by creating a Recreation/Wellness Center for people with developmental disabilities and others to come together on a daily basis and socialize while participating in directed activities with a concentration in living a physically fit and healthy lifestyle.  Eventually, as we grow, we would like to join together with other community agencies and create a community wide recreation and wellness center, fully accessible and available to all community members, with the emphasis remaining on our daily directed activities for people with developmental disabilities and the Day Dreams Day Club.

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