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Daniel "Lind" Miller

Secretary of Board

Lind is an instructor with Fulton Alternatived Education. 

He has been a resident of Gratiot County for twenty-eight years originating from Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Lind chose to be involved with Day Dreams, Inc because he sees a significant need for a recreation center in Gratiot County for all people in the community to promote fitness, health and socialization, and especially for individuals with disabilities and their families and care providers.  As a legal guardian for a person with multiple severe disabilities Day Dreams' goal is very close to heart and home for Lind and he is dedicated to see it happen.


As a father of two young adult sons, Lind feels it is very clear that Gratiot County needs this type of facility to serve it's young adult population and keep our young families here, active, happy and healthy.


If you'd like to contact LInd, click on the link below his picture.

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