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Day Dreams Activity/Recreation Center!

The Day Dreams Activity/Recreation Center is a work in progress....While working to obtain our mission/goal, Day Dreams, Inc. sponsors periodic activities, opportunities and events for people with developmental and other disabilities and their families, mentors and staff, so we can enjoy spending time together while we are building the dream !  Day Dreams Day Club is one of these activities.  Click here to learn more about Day Dreams Day Club.  Check out our calendar for other upcoming activities, events and fundraisers. 


To stay up to date on our progress and to receive information regarding upcoming activities and events, please contact us by clicking on the "contact us" tab and sending us your name and email address or phone number.  You can also keep track of our latest news by clicking on the "More" tab, then clicking on Newsletter or checking out our blog.  Your can also visit us on facebook at


We are currently working on getting our own building to house daily daytime activities Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm as well as social events on occassional evenings and weekends.


Anyone interested in donating a building or building site, or that may have an idea about acquiring a building, please contact me on the "contact us" page.  Anyone interested in making a financial donation to assist us in acquiring our building click on the "join us" tab.


OUR MISSION:  We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit group in the Gratiot/Isabella area with the goal of establishing an activity Center, fully assessible and specializing in the physical and social needs of people with developmental and other disabilities, providing daily daytime activities to enhance their sense of belonging and support an active, healthy and  productive lifestyle.



All of Day Dreams activities are totally inclusive, anyone and everyone interested in joining us is always Welcome!

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