We CELEBRATE each other as people of differing abilities,

APPRECIATE each other as people more alike than different,

and RESPECT each other as valued members of our shared community

and know we are all better for it!

Purchasing our own building to open 

"Dream Dreams Destination" Expanding our Vocational Opportunities and Adding Recreational and Social Opportunities 


Add a kitchen and Day Dreams Decades Diner to Day Dream's Destination

Join with other community agencies to build a Community Recreation Wellness Complex

Continue as a partner in the fully accessible community recreation wellness complex, concentrating on day time directed activities within the complex for people with disabilities and others.

  2020         2021         2022

                                                              Recreation/Wellness Center
                                             Fully Accessible/Directed Activities Available Daily
                                                        for People with Disabilities and Others/
                                              Therapeutic Temperature Pool / Raised Track
                                     Movement to Music Class / Wheel Chair Aerobics / Yoga
                                         Community Garden / Gymnasium / Aromatherapy                                                 Weight Room/ Join Us Now to Add Your Favorite Activity


The Dream Works Resale Shoppe is Open!

In the Village Shoppes

108 E Center St Ithaca, MI 

Offering vocational training and opportunities to people with disabilities

A Strong Foundation
Was Laid!